Windows VPS vs Linux VPS

VPS Hosting — 01 October 2011
Windows VPS vs Linux VPS

Windows and Linux VPS servers aim at different audiences. This is because windows and Linux are both two different operating systems. Linux is an open source operating system where as windows is a commercial operating system.
Some of the main differences between the two VPS servers:
• Support for classic ASP and ASP.NET :
The main advantage of using a windows VPS server is the support of classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages and scripts are offered in it; whereas cannot be found in Linux VPS server. This point is of advantage to many people whose websites may not function on any other platform if they have been created using ASP and ASP.NET.
• Remote Desktop Access :
This factor is of advantage to beginners as remote desk access helps by giving you direct GUI access. This can make server management easier. Some people feel that Linux VPS server is hard to manage because the only way is via SSH, which is text based interface. One will have to be aware of the necessary commands to keep Linux VPS in good order.
• Support for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access :
The only web hosting service that can be used if your website makes use of Microsoft SQ; sever database or Microsoft access database like classic ASP and ASP.NET is windows web hosting services.

• Lower costs
Linux VPS servers are more felicitous to users who do not have demanding needs and have a low budget VPS server hosting as Linux VPS server is cheaper than that of Windows VPS of the same specification.

• Reliability:
Linux servers can be heavily optimized and installed to use less system resources. The server will use less system resources and you can be sure that you have something to fall back on if your VPS server suffers a load spike.
Both servers have a lot to offer their set of audience; they aim at different markets and requirements. When compared to a dedicated server a VPS server hosting be it windows or Linux VPS server can meet your requirements more effectively in a cheaper way.

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