Why Should We not Stick to the Older Forms of Web Hosting than move to VPS?

VPS VPS Hosting VPS Web Hosting — 24 March 2012
Why Should We not Stick to the Older Forms of Web Hosting than move to VPS?

The moment of truth for any company which sells a new product to a group of customers which have been using an earlier version of a product that basically serves the same purpose is when the customers ask—“why should we switch over to the new product?”. This question is far tougher to satisfy than the question of “why do we need the product?” from existing customers. In particular reference to the context of the web hosting industry, it is easy to ask the second question as one has to simply expound on the need to host oneself in the internet to stay relevant in today’s marketing scenario and that staying relevant is the only thing that will ensure the survival of the organization.

But the first question pertaining to switching customers from other products of the web hosting sector (namely the shared server and the dedicated server hosting packages) to the all new VPS hosting service is very important to be answered. The answer to the question lies in the advantages that the segment offers when compared to the other forms of web hosting. For example it can be stated that the VPS hosting service is far more cheaper than the dedicated server hosting and that the service also provides far more features and resources and independence when compared to the shared server web hosting service. Hence it is necessary to switch over to VPS!

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