Why Cpanel Control Panel is Simply the Best Application for the VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting VPS Web Hosting — 22 March 2012
Why Cpanel Control Panel is Simply the Best Application for the VPS Hosting

A hosting company needs to continuously monitor all its resources and its functioning parameters. This rule is applicable even more so to the customer who purchases a web hosting account, especially a virtually partitioned portion of a server such as in a Virtual Private Server scheme for his web hosting needs to host any domain or website. This is necessary to gauge the performance of one’s domain on a periodical basis and also to control the access limits for the partition. For all these purposes one needs good control panel software which will handle all these tasks.

A good control panel will not only monitor the resources and the performance of the various web hosting parameters but will also provide means to control several features of the web hosting account. The several features that need to be controlled include the memory resource allocation being used up for each process, the space that a particular domain takes up, the various accounts being maintained in the account for the purpose of managing the various tasks needed for the smooth running of the domains such as content management, database management, file uploading etc. also to be monitored are the security access levels for each user and the administrator. Cpanel does all the above mentioned tasks perfectly well and is the best in the industry and has been recommended by several companies. CPanel runs on the Linux Platform and hence is also secure to virus intrusions and hence we can simply claim that the CPanel is the best application for web hosting.

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