VPS Hosting Packages

Best VPS Hosting — 17 December 2011
VPS Hosting Packages

vps hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a recent trend in the web hosting industry and promises much satisfaction to its customers. Previously customers had to choose between the two options of subscribing to either a shared web hosting or a dedicated server hosting. Both had their pros and cons. The advantages of shared web hosting: are that the user then spends lesser amount of resources on a single domain at lower prices. The advantages of dedicated service are that it offers allocation of specific quantities of resources to a single owner who would then posses complete control over those resources. These resources are demarcated by means of partitions in the server. But just as any coin has two sides so too these hosting sectors’ advantages can also be perceived as being its disadvantages. While the shared web hosting sector’s disadvantage is that the user cannot completely manage the resource under him and that the resources cannot be extended easily. Likewise, the dedicated server sector’s disadvantage is that the service is very costly to the domain user and in terms of server utilization the resource remains under optimally realized (as very few domain owners can efficiently manage all of the resource allocated to him in normal times). The disadvantages of both the types of hosting can be negated by the use of a middle path (i.e. between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting server). That middle path is the VPS service. It is based on making virtual partitions in a single server which can be distributed to multiple users. The individual customers would still have the control of the entire partition (as in a dedicated server) but he would also posses the cheap cost price advantage as offered by the other end of the spectrum. All this goes on to state that VPs hosting would be very successful in the near future.

VPS Hosting

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