Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS Hosting — 05 December 2011
Virtual Private Server Hosting

vps hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting (henceforth referred to as “VPS hosting”) is a sector of web hosting which is quickly rising up in popularity. Many a time, customers feel unsatisfied with the resources offered by shared web hosting package but they cannot afford the prohibitive cost of the dedicated servers. These categories of consumer can opt for VPS hosting. VPS generally involves a single server to be segmented into several partitions wherein each partition behaves as an independent server (rather called a Virtual Machine).

The benefits of using a VPS system are aplenty. With a VPS system in hand, the user can feel totally in control of the server operations such as altering the RAM allocation, Space requirement, the Operating system used etc. on runtime itself. Normal shared web hosting techniques employ a supervisor application which monitors the resources used by each domain user, Ram utilized/unutilized, CPU Processing efficiency, bandwidth used etc. But these features are not enough to monitor a server in which virtual partitions have been created by the process of virtualization. VPS needs a class of superior supervisor applications which have been named Hypervisors. There are two ways of loading a Hypervisor: – One can, either load it on the machine directly and allow the OS selected (from among several choices) to be loaded onto the hypervisor; or load the hypervisor onto a parent OS and serve as a link to secondary OS. The former method involves booting the hypervisor first and then loading OS on top of it (kind of like the GRUB but with increased functionality) and the latter lets hypervisor take over from the parent OS only when initiated. Two types of hypervisors are used commonly: The HyperV for Windows servers and the VMware for Linux based servers.

VPS has got many other features to boast about: its increased space efficiency (increased server space utilization) compared to that of most dedicated servers is higher; unlike shared web hosting the owner of a partition in VPS does not feel the effects of changes carried out in the server elsewhere. Moreover the cost factor is also very important. While dedicated servers cost upwards of $198, VPS Packages cost within a $100 only (in most cases that i.e.) Thus, it is certain that the VPS sector will grow further in the coming years (at least until the better variants of cloud computing take over!).

VPS Hosting

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