Setting up the Best Vps Hosting

Best VPS Hosting — 28 November 2011
Setting up the Best Vps Hosting

This article deals with the aspect of setting up one of the best Virtual Private server hosting companies. We are not concerned with the management practices to be followed or the customer support training and efficiency to be followed. What we are basically concerned with is the technical aspects of setting up one the best VPS systems. As expected it would involve plenty of initial investment on hardware and software to for set up such a network but the end result would be one of the world’s most powerful VPS service providers.
The first and foremost issue to be deal by a VPS service provider would be acquiring powerful and efficient servers. The Blade Servers are suitable for this aspect. Blade Server take up less space and offer very high storage space compared to regular severs in terms of space efficiency. Also they provide very high data transfer speeds. This is due to the reason that they use SSDs (Solid State Devices) instead of the normal magnetic disks. Since SSDs operate with electronic switching of MOSFETs and transistors, their operating speed is vastly greater than that offered by magnetic storage media.
The other major upgrade/installation would be to install KVM console to manage the servers. This saves time and improves the efficiency of system administrator. In traditional server setups, the system administrator would have to go to each server and modify its setup individually. But with KVM (Keyboard, Visual Display unit, Mouse) modules connected to a several servers, the administrator can efficiently manage the tasks in various servers from a single server simultaneously.
The Best VPS should also possess Digital Data Shredders. When we normally format a drive the data in it is only removed superficially, a trace of data still remains on the disks, which may be used by data thieves and hackers. Hence the data should be disposed of completely before discarding or reallocation of the drives. This is done by Digital shredders.
Many other important factors do exist as well which will be covered in future articles.

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