RedHat OS in Server Management

VPS Hosting — 20 January 2012
RedHat OS in Server Management

These days VPS (Virtual Private Sever) service is offered in a host of different operating systems. The earlier days of web hosting especially VPs hosting was controlled by the Linux platform. In particular it was the Redhat operating system which was the most famous Linux based operating system which was being used at the time. The popularity of Redhat can be associated to the use of Redhat as a favorable operating system by many program developers form along the world. The Redhat operating system was developed by the Redhat Company as a follow up to the Fedora operating system. The Redhat has several version or editions of the main operating version. Apart from the regular updates in versions; the Redhat also has versions dedicated for use in personal computers and business computers (the enterprise version) and another particular version to be used in server configuration and setup.

The Redhat server edition is a very useful operating tool for the VPs server managers as it comes with built in server setups and configuration files. The servers included in the package include the various types of servers such as NFS server (for Linux to Linux file transfer), Samba server (For transfer between the Linux and Windows platforms), the Apache server configuration (for hosting web sites and web pages), the FTP (File transfer protocol) server, mail server, firewall and many more. The easy installation of such servers in the Redhat was the main reason for its success as an OS.

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