Managed VPS

Managed VPS — 30 January 2012
Managed VPS

Managed VPS services are provided by a large number of web hosting companies these days. This shows the growing popularity that the service enjoys in the midst of the web hosting companies these days. The product, in brief, is a combination of a typical VPS (Virtual Private Server) and the option to cater to the needs of the user or the subscriber VPS service by fully managing the operations to be carried out by the VPS.

Managed VPS offers multiple benefits to the users (that is, subscribers in this case); such as automatically carrying out the scheduled tasks in the server. The server maintenance and regular backup operations fall under this category. Also regular backed en operations such as virus protection database updating and system maintenance along with de-cluttering the memory is performed by the companies offering the managed VPS service. Other tasks could involve tasks such as frequently updating the stored website, and other tailor made services as per the need of the subscriber. The accounts in the managed VPS sector would need regular traffic management operations.

Generally managed VPS services are offered at a higher price than the unmanaged VPS services. In unmanaged services of owning a virtual private server the owner of the website or the space will have to carry out all the tasks in the VPS including the web site content managed tasks. Though these tasks can be done easily with the help of the web control panels such as Cpanel and Plesk, it does require a lot of time and effort to do so. So0 managed VPS would be a boon to such customers.

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