Managed and Unmanaged VPS

VPS Hosting — 07 March 2012
Managed and Unmanaged VPS

VPS service has been updating itself with newer and newer features these days. The packages which was hailed as revolutionary when it first arrived in the web hosting market has been endearing itself to its customers by virtue of its good service ability and the range of supplementing features along with the basic web hosting technology incorporated in the virtual private server. These features are not just related technological features but also those that enhance the service value provided to the customer of the VPS web hosting service.

One of these features which come in the service category along with a VPS service is the option of having the account as either managed or unmanaged. The Managed account means that the web hosting company will themselves take all things into account and then provide the necessary maintenance activities on a regular basis. These activities involve, all those tasks which are necessary to keep the server in working condition and involve all the back end processes. The main advantage of this scheme is that the customer who has subscribed to host a domain need not have any technical knowledge relating to web hosting and server management. The customer would have to pay a marginally additional sum for the service of managing the servers. But for those customers who have the resources and the time to manage a web hosting account and the server, most web hosting companies let them manage their accounts on their own to let them save on the expenditure. The decision depends entirely on the customer.

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