Linux Virtual Server Hosting

VPS Hosting — 14 January 2012
Linux Virtual Server Hosting

VPS service is a very important service which comes under the web hosting industry. The VPS term stands for Virtual private server. The virtual segmentation of a single server to implement multiple dedicated server partitions within a single physical entity is the main advantage of this type of VPS hosting. The VPS hosting service is provided to the customers in various choices to be selected from. The variants of the VPS service are classified on multiple basis’s such as the operating system being used, the amount of management support provided to the account etc.

In the classification based on the operating system being used in the VPS service the two main contenders are the Windows operating system, which is a proprietary software offered by Microsoft and the free and open source community driven Linux. VPS hosting in the Linux platform is generally referred to as the Linux VPS. Linux VPS offers multiple advantages to its users over the services when compared to the main opposing operating system. Linux VPS is very good in its ability to be configured and to be setup as per the purpose for which the server I being setup. The Redhat server edition, for instance, has multiple server configurations installed within the OS which can be used to provide a good VPS hosting experience to all its customers. Examples of such pre-installed server configurations include DHCP server, Telnet server, Apache server, Samba Server and other Remote desktop clients and server configurations and much more.

Linux VPS is far cheaper than the windows VPS service and hence is much more in demand and consequently has more support crew all over the world. This has led to a situation where in any kind of trouble with the Linux server can be immediately referred to the Linux forums and groups to be solved. Thus Linux VPS is the best VPS hosting choice for web hosts.

VPS Hosting

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