How is VPS Technology Connected to the Cloud!

VPS Hosting VPS Web Hosting — 19 March 2012
How is VPS Technology Connected to the Cloud!

One can basically state that these two products come from a single source- that is the concept of virtualization in computers. Virtual Private server, the naming very clearly indicates that it is product of virtualization in server, is the older sibling as it was the first offspring of the concept of virtualization and computer science. In virtual private server we use the server space and then using virtualization techniques, partition the server into multiple logical partitions without making any physical discernible partition signs. This is a great improvement over the previous existing technology as now the single server can be sublet to multiple users without any of them ever feeling that they are using allocated portions of a single server (well, the memory space allocation would obviously not be as much as that of a single server), meaning that each of these server partitions will be independent in the act and will not ever interfere with the running of the other. This service, when first released was a great boon to the web hosting industry.

Now the Cloud runs on a similar concept though it has its differences as well. The cloud is not just limited to virtualization of a single server only. Instead it runs a concept on virtualising the entire web of servers. This means that multiple servers from completely different geographic locations can function as a single entity and share information within them and can seamlessly transport it anytime.

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