Difference between Open VZ and Virtuozzo

VPS Hosting VPS Web Hosting — 17 April 2012

Here we intend to clear up the doubts of our customer once and for all, regarding the relationship between the two products of the Parallels Company which has been doing pioneering service in the field of the Virtual Private server mechanisms. The main difference between the two is the Open VZ functions as a platform for all virtualization based application which perform al the actions which would be necessary to run the VPS server partitions separately and smoothly without any glitches at any point of time what so ever. While Virtuozzo basically uses the Open VZ as a platform and has several parts of codes packed liked codecs which are called containers which allow it to give a whole lot of better performance than the former.

The main benefits that the Virtuozzo provides, over the former, is that the later application has higher container density and also has increased performance in its containers structure. Virtuozzo also provides easier ways to manage its memory allocation in the server partitions. Also it contains a whole host of management tolls in its which make it a very good investment option with its high returns on investment assurance by virtue of its reduced effort and time spent management. Virtuozzo has a whole new host of tools included in its package which include a management console and an Infrastructure manager. When included as a package with the whole it proves to be a very good platform to launch a VPs server from.

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