Cpanel VPS hosting

VPS Hosting — 22 January 2012
Cpanel VPS hosting

In website management, when the web page becomes well known and popular it starts to generate a lot of traffic and the CPU load increases. At this point a normal shared web hosting service will not be able support the website’s requirement. An update to a higher form of hosting is required due to the overload of the server and the suspensions of the account. VPS hosting is said to be one such services.
Panel is easy to use and offers a diversity of possibilities this make it popular. It is built in a three layered system, the administrator, Reseller and the User. The Administrative layer creates and manages the reseller accounts. The reseller layer on the other hand does the same with the user accounts. This helps the private server be divided into many various resellers and shared hosting accounts.
The reseller has the ability to create new websites and restrict users to certain functionalities and system resources like disk space and bandwidth with the help of the web host manager control panel.
Panel VPS provides an intuitive interface to helps manage their own websites. Helps to simplify tasks and manage accounts without any problems. Panel VPS have guaranteed resources. It will not be fair if a single user runs away with a large share of resources, is it not? With panel VPS your services will run reliably and predictably. You need not worry about bad VPS hosting neighbors. It will not affect your server, they will impact on their own account, and this is because each account appears to be a sperate server to the internet. Panel is easy and user friendly and flexible, giving the user a high level of customization.
Panel is a renowned and has a well known control panel and is known for being adaptable to changing environments and software configurations. Automatic updates will make sure that your hosting environment is secure and up to date with the latest technologies.
With the installation of panel optimize, you can easily backup, reboot and if you want even restore your installation in not more than few minutes at ease.

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