Cloud Server

Cloud Server — 29 January 2012
Cloud Server

People these days prefer cloud servers over VPS. This is because there are many benefits on having a cloud server. If you’re confused on which one you should take, there are some things that you will have to consider like the scalability, the availability and the price. These factors play a major role when selecting a good server. The data is stored locally on a VPS and if you want to scale more data it might take many hours. In cloud servers; data’s are all centralized and they are not stored in one node. In a VPS type of server is not highly available. If you sync up the servers you can get high availability in VPS. In cloud servers since your data is stored centrally your data is always in high availability at all times.

When it comes to the price of both, they sometimes cost more or less the same. But sometimes VPS can cost you more than a cloud server. The VPS provider usually chooses a random server just hoping that the all the resources are not taken by another customer. If the server crashes you will lose all your data as they are all saved in one node. It will take many hours for you to migrate to another node. People prefer cloud servers because it offers more flexibility, the performance of a cloud server is better, the memory is good and it has more functionality. People or businesses that work on e-commerce sites prefer cloud servers as they are more cost effective and have many more beneficial features.

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