CHEAP VPS- A Modern Myth?

VPS Hosting — 12 December 2011
CHEAP VPS- A Modern Myth?
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Cheap VPS- A Myth?

When most people express their desire to get a cheap VPS package for their SMEs or personal use, their audience goes “yeah right, like that’s gonna happen”. Such are prices for good VPS packages in the market that the common public is still apprehensive of approaching them. Though VPS services cost half the price of the dedicated servers and are the middle point of shared web hosting and dedicated server, most people wish for a kind of “a semi-VPS package with half the price of VPS”!

But lately many companies have been offering VPS at prices, which make cheap VPS no more a myth! If consumer knows where to look and which features are compromisable for him/her, then a cheap VPS is not too far away. First off in the process of identifying a cheap package is to identify the key factors that they are expecting from a VPS service. Next a look for affordable VPS in the internet will throw up a lot of links to look through with those features in mind. The potential customer would do well to look at all features and arrive at a list of things that he doesn’t really need, so that, when a choice is to be made based on the availability of these not-in-need features the customer can safely omit them and opt for the cheaper package.

Many VPS providing website have a slider based flash package which graphically shows the list of price variants based on feature variations (e.g. size of storage space, FTP and MySQL databases and such). These could really help. Also the websites offer starter packages for new VPS customers at lower prices to entice them. One can always compare the lowest prices of these starter packages from various VPS providers to arrive at the cheapest VPS. Many website also have the option of customizing the various features that one needs from a VPS setup with the VPS provider (here you can remove all those features which you wouldn’t need) and thus get a really cheap VPS in your hands!

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