Advantages of the Linux Operating System in the Sphere of Web Hosting

Advantages of the Linux Operating System in the Sphere of Web Hosting

Web hosting has its own unique challenges and hurdles to be crossed over. Even though the market is booming these days, many veterans in the industry would relate the various difficulties that they had to pass through in order to achieve this level of success. But the operating system that they used clearly helped them tide over many of these problems. In those days Linux was the most preferred operating system to be used in the web hosting industry. Even after the advent of the virtual Private server technologies, Linux continued to be the primary operating system of choice for the vendors of the web hosting service. The reasons for these, point to the various advantages of the web hosting era which were contributed by the Linux operating system.

The Linux is a very stable operating system which does not usually hang over or get into any sort of trouble. It stability was the primary reason for many of the companies to opt for the operating system. Another major advantage is that the Linux does not support or operate files with a .exe extension. This literally translates into “Linux is almost immune to viruses” as most viruses in those days were released in the .exe format. Also Linux had a better file structure core which allowed the operating system to fetch data very easily and instantaneously retrieve it whenever needed. These and many more advantages made the Linux a very trusted operating system.

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